Hello World. The Beach is ours; without borders or walls; regardless of race, identity, beliefs, sex, thoughts, choices. Sands, the sun, the ocean, the sea, the water, the joy, the fun: it all belongs to us. 

Sometimes our brand logo will be too big to fit into a product properly, or the majority will say that it is placed wrongly. Guess what, that is the idea, that is what we believe. We believe, there is something wrong about our perceptions. No walls, no exceptions, no perceptions, no exclusions and no worries.

We are all born to be #CITIZENSOFTHEBEACH Let us all unite! #BELONGTOTHEBEACH


Our products are highly absorbent, ultra fast drying, light-weighted, takes up less space, eco-friendly, takes less energy to launder and 100% Turkish Cotton (if not stated otherwise). They are perfect for any kind of use: beach, pool, bath, picnic, baby care, camping, spa, sports, and physical exercises. Our towels will become even fluffier and more absorbent with successive washings.

Made in Turkey| MADE IN TURKEY |

Brought to you by a Turkish Family in San Diego. 100% Turkish Cotton towels, handwoven, multi-purpose and made in Turkey which is the source of the world’s best cotton and cotton related products. Other products are made in Turkey too, with putting quality and style as priority, working with the best 'designers and the qualified suppliers' for different product lines.

Fashion and Style| STYLISH |

Our towels are not only multi-purpose beach and bath towels! They can be used as stylish fashion items too, besides their amazing functional attributes. We work with best designers from Greece and Turkey to make our products outstanding.

Responsible Production Environmentally Friendly| RESPONSIBLE |

We strictly choose suppliers that are repeatedly inspected to meet or surpass environmental, safety, social, and ethical standards. Moreover, we personally visit our factories throughout the year and witness this firsthand. Our product environmentally friendly and requires less energy to launder.

We are committed for giving it back| GIVING BACK |

We are committed to sharing in our success, and work with organizations, both locally and globally, to support the sustainability of resources in earth and to support the borderless independency of people in the world, whatever way we can. We would be happy to hear any suggestion just drop an e-mail to

| Drift like clouds and flow like water |